Token of Appreciation - TAPP

Token of Appreciation


Token of Appreciation - TAPP

A Cryptocurrency You Can Truly Appreciate!

How To Buy

For the price of a greeting card, you can get a pretty big stack of the Token of Appreciation cryptocurrency.

Contract Address:

Exchange Address:
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But Wait! It Gets Better!!!

We have a brand of tokens that you can use to mint NFT Greetings with your own custom message and send them to anyone in the world.  Best of all, It only costs 19 cents to mint one of these tokens on the Cronos blockchain.

Better Than A Greeting Card?

When you mint one of our tokens, it creates a permanent record on the blockchain so recipients can view them anytime they want. Better than a greeting card. It’s cheaper and it lasts forever!

Free Token Downloads

We will never make money from people minting or sending these NFTs because you can’t put a price on family, friendship, or love. For that reason, our NFT token designs will always be free.

Our Marketing

Even though we have a whole stable of marketing assets ready for deployment, we believe the people who buy TAPP tokens will also mint NFT Greetings and share them on social media with a link to this website. And if we are right, this token is going to explode.  We promise a cryptocurrency launch that you will be proud to be part of.

Token Distribution


Max Supply – 2.1 Trillion

Founding Members – 50 billion which represents less than 2.5% of the total supply. 

Presale Tokens – 25 billion. Unsold tokens will be transferred to Programmatic Distribution. 

Programmatic Distribution – 425 billion to be distributed through exchanges.

Project Treasury – 1.6 trillion will remain unavailable until  a Governance Council has been established.

Initial Launch

Contract Address:

Exchange Address:
Coming Soon.

Token Presale

Only available to friends and family. If you would like to participate in our presale, please click the button below: